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Financial Health

We proactively collect current, fresh, and ongoing data from each supplier and sub-supplier, including data on important financial metrics and other leading risk factors.

Ensure Supplier Resilience Through Changing Market Conditions

The Rebirth Analytics Financial Health score predicts how financially stable and resilient a company is, helping you better understand how it will perform as a supplier, partner, or customer. It forecasts how well a company will withstand internal and external shocks, such as customer non-payment or changes in market conditions.


Traditional credit score providers were built to provide lenders with a fast and easy way to make credit decisions (i.e., loans). The word “credit” clearly signals that these types of scores are intended to determine how likely a company is to pay back a debt. Credit scores were never intended to be a worthy indicator of how a company will perform financially as a supplier, partner, or client. For companies extending lines of credit to their suppliers, credit scores provide value, but they are not intended as a determinant of financial strength or resilience.


To supplement the lack of data, credit scoring companies often include innocuous metrics that are irrelevant to business financial stability, including employee count, office locations, lease data, utility bill payments, and credit card payments. Although these metrics might be relevant for extending credit, they are not a worthy gauge of a company’s proper financial health, stability, and performance. Although trade payments are often included in credit score reports, this data point is a measure of debt repayment ability, not an indication of corporate stability.

Unlike traditional credit scores, Rebirth Analytics Financial Health ratings are based on actual financial metrics, fact-based, predictive, and don’t rely on third-party data or credit databases.


Our data is collected from first-party sources (including directly from the company) to ensure data and prediction accuracy. Rebirth Analytics uses proprietary Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which results in superior prediction capability and accuracy.

Our Approach

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