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About Rebirth Analytics

One of the oldest, most insoluble problems affecting the global supply chain is the inability to predict and react effectively to risk. Rebirth Analytics has the answer.


We are transforming resilience in the supply chain by enabling buyers and suppliers to understand the comprehensive range of risks affecting operations, trading relationships, business health, and corporate reputation. We analyze a massive volume of real-time data from every party in the supply chain across a range of risk factors: from suppliers’ financial health and geolocation to ESG and slavery, to fraud, sanctions, and money-laundering.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2018, Rebirth Analytics has roots that start in post-Katrina New Orleans, during the height of the 2008 financial crisis and with the explicit failure of corporate rating agencies.


Our team of senior global trade practitioners, former government trade officers, data scientists, and analysts have found a way to more accurately predict private company stability.


What the global pandemic of 2020 revealed is that companies are often data rich, but information poor. Our ability to correlate risk means that we root out problems before they become problems.

What We Do

We gather, analyze and contextualize data from a huge range of trusted sources, including from our clients’ own supply chain, to provide rich and timely insight into emerging risks and vulnerabilities. For enterprise clients and governments, we offer continuous monitoring so we can provide the predictive insights necessary to strengthen the most complex supply networks. For supplier businesses, we combine financing, rapid payments and supplier insurance options so we have the power to not only find the problems but remedy them as well.

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Where to Find Us

Risk never sleeps, and neither do we. Rebirth Analytics has offices and representatives to serve you in the following locations:

  • Spokane, United States (Headquarters)

  • Toronto, Canada

  • Leeds, United Kingdom

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • Miami, United States

  • Bogota, Colombia

  • Zurich, Switzerland

  • Kolkata, India

  • Rabat, Morocco

Please contact us at to find the appropriate location to serve you.

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