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Predict Risk 

Your Global Risk Hub. All Risks in One Location 


Our mission is to restore resilience to world trade by eliminating uncertainty

Understand, Predict, and Prevent Risk

Traditional risk-rating tools and reports are siloed and ineffective. Coupled with the lack of data and insight on Nth Tier suppliers, companies struggle to operate with the predictivity and competitive advantage they require.


Rebirth Analytics is building the risk information system for the global economy. Our mission is to restore resilience to world trade by eliminating uncertainty, improving intelligence-sharing, and increasing transparency between every partner in the supply chain. We enable any enterprise, government, or non-profit business to predict their exposure to risk throughout their end-to-end supply chain – comprehensively and in real time.


Risk doesn't exist in isolation; neither should your risk reports. Traditional risk reports create silos and leave your team with multiple reports for each supplier, resulting in a fragmented, incomplete, and out-of-date view of the risks your suppliers face.

Our approach to risk is multidimensional, providing you with a predictive and integrated view of your suppliers and your entire supply chain - all the way to the source.

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Rebirth Analytics provides you with one place to view and predict multiple types of risk.

Our Approach

Rebirth Analytics provides an alternative to traditional credit agencies and due diligence firms. We can swiftly analyze multiple companies and use artificial intelligence to confidently predict the financial stability of any business. We work directly with suppliers to collect relevant financial information and predict the default risk and resilience of the supplier.


Our solution aggregates current supplier data from other leading risk factors that leave companies vulnerable to disruption. This all-inclusive approach enables you to avoid disruption up to 24 months in advance, no matter what type of risk or where it arises.

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