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Economic Development 

Elevating Business Intelligence for Economic Development.

We empower organizations to delve into prospective projects with unprecedented depth and insight.

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 Rebirth Analytics specializes in delivering well-informed decision-making tools for Economic Development Organizations.

We understand the critical role that predictive analytics and data play in evaluating potential companies, and we offer a comprehensive due diligence report that covers an extensive range of categories to provide EDOs with the crucial information and analysis they need to make better-informed decisions.

Comprehensive Due Diligence Reporting for Economic Development 

Rebirth Analytics transforms business intelligence with our innovative, user-friendly technology. Our solutions provide deep insights into financial health, ESG practices, and geolocation risks, empowering smarter, data-driven decisions. Stay ahead in today's fast-paced market with Rebirth Analytics, where we turn data into innovation for sustainable success

"Business intelligence is at the core of Alabama’s economic development strategy, generating better leads, better projects and growth in our state. Our partnership with Rebirth Analytics strengthens our ability to provide cutting-edge intelligence. Rebirth is helping us fulfill our shared vision by pioneering next-gen business intelligence solutions." - Lauren Hyde, Director, Alabama Business Intelligence Center


Empowering Economic Development:
Comprehensive Insight for Strategic Decision-Making

Discover a streamlined solution for Economic Development with our comprehensive due diligence report. It integrates critical factors like financial health, ESG practices, geolocation risks, insurance coverage, compliance with fraud and AML regulations, and worker health and safety. Our report empowers Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) to make informed decisions about prospective companies, ensuring they align with local economic goals and community values. With insights into a company's stability, responsibility, and risk management, EDOs can attract and support businesses that contribute to sustainable growth while protecting community interests.

We Deliver Accurate Predictive Intelligence on Your Key Risks.
You Make Informed Decisions.

Insurance Coverage

Ensure community safety and a secure business environment with our module that verifies and reports on company insurance coverage, minimizing liabilities and protecting communities from risks.

Compliance & Fraud

Stay ahead of fraud, sanctions, and AML regulations with our tool that helps EDOs partner with compliant and trustworthy companies, preserving business integrity and reputation.

Health and Safety

Prioritize worker welfare with our module that assesses safety practices of prospective companies, ensuring a secure workplace and effective risk management for community well-being.

Grow Your Vision

Choose Rebirth Analytics for comprehensive reporting solutions that empower EDOs to make informed decisions and foster sustainable economic growth.

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