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Geolocation and Geopolitical

Data from Geopolitical Risk and Financial Health ratings are both critical, but the data becomes more powerful when viewed in combination and correlated with predictive analytics. 

Early Visibility

Regional events have caused firms with poor Financial Health to fold, resulting in an industry contagion effect. In this situation, the impact of one firm's financial distress spreads to peers in the same locale, potentially breaking down the regional economy. Conversely, geopolitical events can disturb a company's daily operations and lead to its financial distress, triggering chain bankruptcies within an industry.

The Science of Risk meets The Science of Where when Rebirth Analytics’ predictive risk rating technology meets Esri’s world-leading mapping technologies.

Manmade and natural disasters constantly occur across the globe. Rebirth Analytics helps you understand how a seemingly faraway event can impact your suppliers. Input materials, manufacturing facilities, transportation hubs, and more can be mapped and tracked, so your organization can respond in real-time if an event will impact your supplier. 

Tsunamis, earthquakes, strikes, political unrest, port closures, health lockdowns, wars, etc., all contribute to disruption in your supply chain. Early visibility into how an event will impact your suppliers and entire supply chain can give you the critical time needed to react and prevent disruption before it becomes a problem.

The Science of Risk
The Science of Where

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