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From big enterprise to small business, our risk correlation and financial solutions offer innovation you can use today. 

Risks do not exist in isolation, they are interconnected. Let us show you how.



Provide basic information about your business and industry to create a company profile.

  • For supply chain managers, we'll help you choose the risk assessments that are relevant to your business.

  • For suppliers and other businesses, we'll provide assessments and certifications that help demonstrate your resiliency.


Share your data

If you have information that you would like to correlate with our risk assessments, we'll gladly incorporate it into our findings. Otherwise, we'll get started with our own sources. 



Rebirth Analytics utilizes AI to risk-rate your business or suppliers, prepare scorecards, and create a dashboard. We use a non-biased method to ensure that all companies are scored fairly, and on metrics that actually matter to your bottom line.


Monitor Results

View your ratings to take any necessary action. We'll continue monitoring your business or suppliers, and alert you only if we find any issues.


One powerful tool to rate and correlate multiple types of risk.

Financial Health

Measures a company’s default risk, resiliency and strength, and provides comparisons against industry averages.


Real-time alerts and nonstop global monitoring of companies impacted by natural or man-made crises.

Supply Chain

Checks the suppliers of your suppliers, ensuring that all parties are stable and resilient enough to service your contract.


Alerts companies to underinsurance and screens for IP violations.


Monitors to ensure companies are doing business with reputable partners and clients.


Ensures all qualifications, certifications, and records are up to date and meet requirements.

Interested in doing more business with diverse and women-owned suppliers?

REBIRTH Analytics helps enterprises increase MBEW spend. 

REBIRTH Analytics enables companies to gain visibility into 100% of their suppliers by helping to identify the riskiest vendors and mitigate those disruptive threats immediately.

Calum Lewis

Former Senior Director of Demand Planning and Management at Lego EMEA