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The Rebirth Analytics Insurance Risk Module helps companies streamline the collection, verification, and reporting of Certificates of Insurance (“COI”) and other risk-critical documents. 

Our technology enables companies to avoid risks and make smarter decisions by providing a multidimensional view of their entire supply chain ecosystem. 

Protect your business from disruption and costly claims by ensuring that the COIs you collect from your partners, vendors, and suppliers meet your requirements and are renewed when necessary.

The collection, verification, and ongoing communication process of COI management is repetitive, manual, and prone to error. Rebirth Analytics reduces your Errors and Omissions (E&O) exposure by verifying that the COIs you collect accurately match the requirements of your organization or project while automating the communication and follow-up with your vendors, suppliers, and partners.


Real-time risk insights help you stay protected while improving your operational workflow and reducing the error-prone manual process of COI collection, follow-up, and renewal calendaring.

The Rebirth Analytics Insurance Risk Module was designed by licensed insurance professionals to improve COI management accuracy, optimize workflows, unify risk awareness across the organization, streamline documentation, providing a centralized immutable record for reporting, compliance, and auditing.

Enforce company-wide insurance requirements and protect against underinsurance.

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