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Economic Development 

The Rebirth Analytics offers Business Intelligence. Helping Economic Development Organizations dive deeper into prospective companies than ever before. 

The benefit of conducting a due diligence report covering  multifaceted categories is that it provides comprehensive information and analysis for economic development organizations when evaluating prospective companies.

Choose Rebirth Analytics for comprehensive reporting solutions that empower EDOs to make informed decisions and foster sustainable economic growth.

At Rebirth Analytics, we understand the importance of well-informed decision-making for economic development organizations (EDOs) when evaluating prospective companies. That's why we offer comprehensive due diligence reports that cover a wide range of categories to provide EDOs with the crucial information and analysis they need.

Our reports encompass vital aspects such as financial health, environmental, social, and governance    practices, geolocation risks, insurance coverage, compliance with fraud, sanctions & anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, and health and safety considerations.

Financial health is a key factor in assessing a company's ability to contribute to the local economy, meet financial obligations, and navigate market volatility. The evaluation of a company's financial stability and resilience helps economic development organizations assess its ability to contribute to the local economy, maintain financial obligations, and withstand market volatility. This information is crucial when considering partnerships, relying on suppliers, or making sound decisions when partnering with or supporting a company's growth.




ESG practices play a significant role in attracting companies that align with community values and promoting sustainable and responsible business practices. EDOs can utilize our ESG rating risk assessment data to demonstrate their commitment to long-term prosperity and encourage companies to adopt socially and environmentally conscious practices. The ESG rating risk assessment provides insights into a company's environmental, social, and governance practices. Economic development organizations can use this information to encourage sustainable and responsible business practices, attract companies that align with their community values, and demonstrate their commitment to long-term prosperity.



Geolocation risks are another crucial aspect to consider. By combining geopolitical risk with financial health data, our reports provide EDOs with a deeper understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with a company's location. This knowledge allows them to tailor strategies for attracting businesses to specific areas while mitigating any potential risks.


Insurance coverage is imperative for safeguarding communities and promoting a safe business environment. Our Insurance Risk Module streamlines the verification and reporting of insurance-related documents, ensuring that companies have adequate coverage and minimizing potential liabilities. Economic development organizations can use this module to promote a safe business environment and protect their communities from unforeseen risks.



Compliance with fraud, sanctions & AML regulations is paramount to maintaining the integrity of a business environment. Our Compliance risk module helps EDOs identify and prevent fraudulent activities, ensuring that they partner with trustworthy and compliant companies. By staying ahead of changing regulatory requirements and potential bad-actor risks, organizations can maintain the integrity of their business environment and reputation.



The health and safety of workers is a top priority for any community. Our H&S Risk module enables EDOs to evaluate the safety performance and practices of prospective companies, ensuring a safe working environment and effective risk management. This information is crucial for ensuring the well-being of workers, effectively managing risk, and promoting a safe working environment in the community.



By consolidating all these categories into one comprehensive due diligence report, EDOs can make well-informed decisions about prospective companies. Considering factors such as financial stability, responsible practices, location-based risks, insurance coverage, compliance, and health and safety, our reports help EDOs attract and support companies that align with their economic development goals while safeguarding their communities' interests.



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