We make risk a part of the past.

Introducing the world's only predictive, proprietary, risk-finding technology, driven by the power of AI.

The Rebirth of Risk Management
The Rebirth of Risk Management

The problem is there are



Risk management has never been more challenging or complex.


Disconnected systems, overtaxed teams, and outsourced agencies all compound problems.


Leaders, who are experts in their industry, rely on 'gut feelings' to drive decision-making.


Risk can originate from many places and current systems don't work - internal resources can't scale, tools fail, and processes are outdated.


Most companies cannot find the root cause of the problem fast enough.

Our Proprietary Solution

You are data rich – collecting information and details about your business from every corner. But how are you using that data to make decisions? Do you assign people and resources to pour over reports, create calendar tasks for reviews? Or do you use your ‘gut instincts’ to determine if suppliers and partnerships are trustworthy?

Is your company data rich, but information poor?

Rebirth Analytics offers a unique way to use your data, correlate it across multiple categories and give you deep insights and predictive decision-making power.  We can use your data or supplement with our own. All of it can be interconnected and correlated to give you full visibility into your potential risks, no matter where they might exist.

  • Geopolitical alerts and nonstop global monitoring of companies impacted by natural or man-made crises

  • Financial Health measures a company’s default risk, resiliency and strength, and provides comparisons against industry averages

  • Supply Chain & nth Party checks the suppliers of a company’s suppliers, ensuring all parties are stable

  • Insurance & Intellectual Property alerts companies to underinsurance and screens for IP violations

  • Fraud, Sanctions, Money Laundering, Ownership monitors to ensure companies are doing business with reputable partners and clients

  • Health & Safety ensures all qualifications, certifications, and records are up to date

  • Minority Supplier Inclusion allows you to confirm how well your suppliers are doing to support minority businesses and support RFI/RFP transactions.

Rebirth Analytics brings deep insights and predictive decision-making power to businesses by using their data or supplemented with our own.

Rebirth Analytics Risk Reduction Services solve for:

• more than one type of risk

• credit reports that don’t show the full health of a company

• single-source-of-risk reports fail to account for the links and affects of interconnected risks

• managers who make gut-instinct decisions based on inadequate and siloed piecemeal data

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