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The Power to Predict Risk

Predictive visibility into the multiple risks associated with your suppliers, in one location.

Risks don't exist in isolation.
Neither should the way you understand risk. 

Rebirth Analytics analyzes and integrates the most critical risk ratings impacting your suppliers and sub-tier suppliers so your team has the insight to make the right decisions.

Fraud, Sanctions & AML

Safeguard against suppliers doing business with bad actors.


Enforce company-wide insurance requirements and protect against underinsurance.

Health and Safety

Ensure all qualifications, certifications and records meet requirements.

Avoid downtime.
Avoid disruption.
Reduce risk with predictive intelligence

Rebirth Analytics provides an alternative to traditional credit agencies and due diligence firms.


We can analyze huge volumes of trusted, real-time data and use the power of artificial intelligence to confidently predict the financial stability and resilience of any business. We work directly with suppliers to collect relevant financial information and predict the default risk of a potential partner.


Our solution also aggregates current supplier data from a comprehensive range of risk factors that leave companies vulnerable to disruption. This all-inclusive approach enables you to avoid disruption up to 24 months in advance, no matter where the risk arises.

Industry Leaders Choose Rebirth Analytics

The World's Largest 
and Most Awarded Airline

The World's Largest Construction & Infrastructure Project

The World's Most
Ethical Utility Company

The World's Leading 
Cancer Support Charity

Clients report an average savings of

2.5 % EBIDTA

each year while using Rebirth Analytics.

Predictive Analytics

Are You Ready to
Predict Risk?

Rebirth Analytics is building the risk information system for the global economy. Our mission is to restore resilience to world trade by eliminating uncertainty, improving intelligence-sharing, and increasing transparency between every partner in the supply chain.

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