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Global Risk Management Requirements have changed.
Is your company ready to prove its strength? 

Companies are more worried than ever about the strength of their supply chain and vendors.


Of enterprises faced disruption caused by their  vendors in the last 2 years.

- Deloitte


Of enterprises report that they will move away from risky vendors this year.

- Protiviti


Of enterprises plan to add AI to reduce purchasing risk.

- Deloitte

Prove your strength.

Becoming Risk Assessed Certified means that a company has gone through a  rigorous assessment to prove that they are stable and able to take on more business. Supply Chain Managers trust REBIRTH Analytics to provide clear ratings across multiple risk categories. 

Being certified opens a world of benefits.

REBIRTH Analytics is helping thousands of companies around the world prove that they are stable, resilient, and ready to take on more contracts.


Underwriters give instant premium discounts for new policies written with Lloyd's of London​.


Access preferred interest rates for everything from working capital and supply chain financing.

Faster Payments

Get paid faster, eliminate international interchange fees, and access funds  

when you need them.

We are passionate about making this world a better place and we know it starts with businesses
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We offer risk assessments to all companies who can fully satisfy the requested information.

We take your information and data very seriously. We adhere to GDPR requirements and do not permanently store any of your data once your certification has been processed. All information shared between Rebirth Analytics about your company must be authorized by you and will be done via private, secured link.