Frequently Asked Questions

What does REBIRTH Analytics need to get started?


Identification details of the suppliers and a contact at the supplier, so REBIRTH Analytics can reach out to the supplier for any additional and supplemental information needed to produce reports.


What if the supplier is not a public company?


Most of the companies that Rebirth Analytics assesses are privately held companies. Rebirth Analytics has a unique and successful approach to gathering the needed data on both public and private companies.  


When data is unavailable, REBIRTH Analytics initiates direct investigation and supplier contact to gain any missing information. Partial data is typically always available. We have data from hundreds of thousands of companies around the globe and our unique ratings only compare companies to their industry peers, giving the best indication of how a company in a particular industry is truly performing. We provide side-by-side comparisons of a supplier’s scores and the industry average score.


How can we assess startups?

We prefer 2 years of operations for accurate rating; however, we can rate companies with as little as 6 months of operations, but results may not be as accurate. While credit reports are typically available, they may also lack accuracy.


Can REBIRTH Analytics use payment data?

This is generally available from third-party suppliers but should not be relied upon (no matter who provides it) because these reports are often misleading and incomplete.


Can you access additional Risk Indicators, including changes in organizational structure, changes of registered addresses, director links?


Some data is publicly available, and most vendors we will work with should be able to provide this. REBIRTHAnalytics will receive this information as part of our direct-contact diligence, so our data can often be more up-to-date.

Can REBIRTH Analytics predict the future performance of the supplier?


This is where REBIRTH Analytics has a clear advantage over other suppliers. Because we don’t rely on credit reports (instead we rely on real financials), and because REBIRTH Analytics was built with AI-based analytics principles, we are a clear leader in predictive analytics. 


Report Accuracy:

REBIRTH Analytics relies on over 20 financial data points which are analyzed, compared, and weighted against industry peers. The algorithms for each industry are unique because each industry depends on different financial metrics to be successful (i.e. a technology consultancy has a different dependency with ‘inventory’ than a provider of physical goods). Our algorithms have been built with millions of data points over 20 years of data and our reports are continually back-tested against publicly available data sources, and we continue to obtain over 95% accuracy in our bankruptcy and resilience predictions.