Complete visibility, predictive insights.

Our tools help predict and manage risk

across suppliers and risk areas.

Our Risk Reduction Services solve for:

Credit reports not revealing a supplier's full financial fitness.

Single-source-of-risk reports that build silos and ignore consequences of connected threats.

Managers making gut-instinct decisions based on missing, insufficient, piecemeal data.


Risks are connected.

So is our solution.

Each part of your business has risk and chances are those risks are connected. Using a proprietary AI-engine, REBIRTH Analytics correlates risk area data across all parts of your business, and risk areas, into one, easy to understand, report.

 Transform supplier risk from a liability into an asset. 

Adding advanced and predictive risk management tools has a real impact:



- Zurich



Supply Chain Cost

- World Economic Forum


Reduction in

Cost of Capital

- Journal of Risk & Insurance
Is your company data rich, but information poor?

Our proprietary risk correlation solution includes:


Public and private entities.

Proprietary Financial Health and Risk Ratings.

Easy-to-use reports.

Intuitive dashboard that connects to your ERP/ERM.

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We use our proprietary risk reports to build your correlated insights. But, we can also use your company's data from your own systems or from other third-party providers.


Of enterprises faced disruption caused by vendors in the last 2 years.

- Deloitte


Of enterprises still use spreadsheets to manage 3rd parties.



Of enterprises plan on adding predictive AI to reduce purchasing risk.


REBIRTH Analytics has been a valuable source of information for managing critical suppliers.  Our strategic suppliers underpin the services we provide to support people living with cancer. We now have predictive supply chain allowing us to make more informed decisions on how and where we spend our charitable donations."

Dave Sharp

Head of Procurement

Macmillan Cancer Support


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