Our Founder's Story

Our founder, Chonchol Gupta, is a financial innovator. While living in post-Katrina New Orleans, during the height of the 2008 financial crisis and with the explicit failure of corporate rating agencies, he discovered that there was a way to more accurately predict private company stability. In 2010, he launched a Fintech company that was ultimately recognized by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco as an “Idea to Change the US Finance System” and one of Forbes’ Top 4 Fintech technologies of 2010 Finovate.


After a robust global career working with banking companies, consulting, and speaking to industry leaders at the invitation of the White House, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and the Kingdom of Morocco, Chonchol was ready to launch Rebirth Analytics.


Rebirth Analytics is not just another technology company - it is a powerful weapon in the fight against the obscurity that can negatively impact almost every business. The risks that most companies face are compounded by the fact that they often don't reveal themselves until it is too late. Rebirth Analytics scours the deep recesses of six different categories giving our customers the ability to see potential issues before they manifest into unmovable obstacles. We help those leaders, who may be experts in their industry, stop relying on their 'gut-feelings' and to use the data we uniquely provide to drive decision-making.

Today, Rebirth Analytics is proud to be the world's only AI-powered rapid analysis platform for risk management solutions. In fact, we're so unique that we are officially a registered trade secret with AON’s Trade Secret Registry.


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